Over the past century, Switzerland has experienced extraordinary economic success in spite of its small size and lack of resources.

This achievement has been made possible thanks to the extraordinary capacity of the Swiss people to conceive and implement
innovation. This is true in the watchmaking industry, in the food industry or in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also true in the cosmetic industry.

In times when skincare was driven by apothecaries and traditional recipes, Swiss scientists led by Dr. Paul Niehans, pioneered in cellular therapy. Blending cutting edge science, the purest active ingredients and a nature for high quality, the Swiss cosmetic industry was born.

From that moment on, a few Swiss brands, mainly emanating from exclusive Swiss clinics, contributed to the worldwide success of the Swiss cosmetic industry.


Whether it is cellular therapy, phytobiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, active oxygen, antioxidant or oligo technology, Swiss cosmetic brands are always conceived around significant scientific research and innovation. This embedded deep into the Swiss DNA. In addition, Swiss cosmetic formulators have become expert in the development and selection of original and highly effective active ingredients. The result is generally highly dosed and efficient skincare products.

In parallel, countries like France, the USA, Japan or South Korea, have given birth to large marketing powerhouses, spending huge budgets on advertising and promotional campaigns to push their cosmetic products to the market. Highly successful, this method is starting to be questioned by discerning consumers, seeking concrete results, are showing increased interest in scientifically anchored formulations rather than in glamorous yet often unfulfilled promises.


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