HAUTE SWISS COSMETICS: the first ever retail chain dedicated to Swiss-only skincare and beauty products

HAUTE Swiss Cosmetics has been created in 2015 to serve as an alternative distribution channel for Swiss cosmetic brands throughout Asia, through a dedicated and multi brand retail structure.

The Asian market is extremely fond of Swiss skincare products. With the discovery of cellular therapy, Swiss cosmetologists have positioned the Swiss cosmetic industry on the top end of the market. Since, Swiss cosmetic is largely associated with the notions of excellence, science, nature and exclusive quality.

Our HAUTE Swiss Cosmetics stores and Webshop promote the uniqueness of the best Swiss cosmetic and beauty brands, handpicked for you by our expert Swiss team.

HAUTE Swiss Cosmetics is fully held by SBIOD SA, a privately owned Swiss company headquartered in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

A Swiss experience

HAUTE Swiss Cosmetics is for the consumers who have been waiting for professional and personal advice to improve the appearance of their skin, yet also wants to indulge in luxury and expect high quality service.

HAUTE Swiss Cosmetics is the skin consulting boutique that offers a unique Swiss luxury experience, with a personalized consulting service to advise clients on the optimal selection from the exclusive range of Swiss cosmetic products and services, guaranteed Swiss made.


  • Jean-Michel Deckers, President & CEO
  • Silvia Scherer, Director (Marketing)
  • Philippe Meuwly, Director (Science)
  • Patricia Poo, Director

For corporate and/or financial inquiries, please contact

New Swiss-only brands

If you are interested in submitting new Swiss-only brands or products for review, please forward material via email to

To be considered, applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  • Research and development performed in Switzerland
  • Formulation performed in Switzerland
  • Manufacturing and packaging performed in Switzerland
  • Existence of a Swiss legal entity
  • Established commercial presence in Switzerland
  • Rich and proven scientific background
  • Strong identity and unique selling proposition
  • Immediate consumer appeal and value-add

Please include your contact information, any press (if available), price lists, current and future distribution strategies, place of manufacturing, etc. Once your application has been received, our Submissions Department will be sent a confirmation email. We welcome your interest in working with us.


For any other inquiries, please contact