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World leader in oxygen skincare Founded more than 40 years ago by Swiss researcher and Nobel Institute Honoree Dr. Paul Herzog, the Karin Herzog skincare line is the result of years of scientific research focused on oxygen.

Dr. Herzog was the first to successfully stabilized active oxygen in an emulsion and was awarded a global patent for this important breakthrough. With his wife Karin, a professional beautician, they discovered that upon contact with the skin, active oxygen is converted into two molecules of water and one molecule of oxygen. Also, during this conversion, the pressure created forces the oxygen and other active ingredients under the dermis.

Experiencing the cosmetic benefits first-hand, Dr. Paul and Karin Herzog launched a range of products based on stabilized active oxygen creams. The Karin Herzog skincare line was born, and the products started to be distributed all around the world.

Karin Herzog’s preservative-free formulations can be used effectively on all skin types, from the most sensitive; to those with severe problem skin.

Still run by the founding family, the Karin Herzog Laboratory continues to produce innovative, elegant and high-performance formulations.

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