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Stem cells and biotechnology serums
Actively boosting, visibly radiant, clearly beautiful

Swisscode takes pure, active ingredients and blends them into powerful concentrated serums that actively improve the skin’s moisture and radiance.

These pure concentrations in a gentle yet powerful serum moisturize and boost the skin’s regenerative process.

Designed to complement and enhance your normal daily skin regime, just a few drops are all you need for a gentle boost towards visibly radiant skin.

The Swisscode Pure and Swisscode Bionic range have been created using the highest concentrations of active ingredients, each delivering proven benefits: replenishing moisture, improving skin texture and smoothing lines, skin nourishment, visible radiance, firming and  UV protection.

Formulated and manufactured in its own laboratory, near Lake Zurich, Swisscode products benefit from the latest scientific findings. Its Swiss made products are developed according to the strictest quality criteria, tending to the skin’s individual needs, meeting them to achieve visible results. 

Discover the Swisscode serums in exclusivity in our Webshop and in our stores.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items