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In Switzerland, we know how to make watches.
We also know how to stop time...

Resulting from advanced research by the Swiss laboratories Genolier, and formulated under the supervision of Prof. Jacques Proust, Nescens offers a resolutely innovative anti-aging skincare approach.

The formulation of Nescens cosmeceuticals is based on the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in the maintenance and repair of skin structures. All products are carefully designed to address these mechanisms in their totality. Nescens makes the latest developments in biomedical anti-aging research available to the discerning and most demanding consumers.

Perfectly adapted for men and women, Nescens formulations come in emulsion type textures and neutral scents. 

Nescens products are formulated and manufactured in Switzerland. They are subject to clinical assessment
and evaluation performed by independent laboratories,
and comply with strict pharmacopeia guidelines.

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Discover the Nescens anti-aging cosmeceutical products in exclusivity in our Webshop and in our stores.
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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items