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Pure bliss body care from the Swiss Alps

Two hundred million years ago, Switzerland was covered by the sea. The slow evaporation of this sea, followed by the folding of the Alps preserved precious salt deposits at the very heart of the Swiss Alps.

For over five hundred years, the Sel des Alpes has been extracted from the mountainous rock in the Bex Salt Mines, by dissolving in the glacial spring water then by evaporating. The precious crystals preserve all their purity and mineral wealth.

This mineral wealth is what inspires us to offer a selection of products containing the very best of nature, while respecting and preserving it.

The wellness range from Saline de Bex combines Sel des Alpes crystals with precious synergistic blends of essential oils, as well as natural plant extracts to offer you purifying, relaxing or invigorating products. A genuine escape for your senses based on your desires.

Our range includes bath salts, body scrubs, shower creams, hands and feet scrubs as well as face care products. The purity of the salt combined with the rich essential oils offer you gentle and relaxing care, to completely unwind your body and mind.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items